047 - Bryce Lewis on Sports Pscyhology

March 14, 2019

2018 u105kg IPF World Champion and head coach of The Strength Athlete, Bryce Lewis, joins us to talk about the role of sports psychology in powerlifting and powerlifting coaching, as well as his personal experience in managing anxiety at competition and the strategies that he has employed. 

046 - Random training stuff

March 7, 2019

The boys talk through some training methods that they've appropriated for use with their clients and the thinking and influences that lead them to do so. We also chat about some sick arm and shoulder giant sets.

045 - Will Crozier on Recovery

February 28, 2019

Will Crozier joins the boys to chat about recovery - why it is important, what stressors contribute to the overall "stress bucket" and which recovery modalities to emphasise.

044 - Matt Bartholomew on Offseason Training for Powerlifters

February 21, 2019

Coach and powerlifter, Matt Bartholomew, joins Alex to discuss the importance off a productive offseason period for competitive lifters. We touch on the training qualities that we're looking to improve, the implications this has on programming, and also the mental side of things. No interlude music this week (thank God).

043 - Things we’ve learnt from each other

February 14, 2019

The boys sit down and chat about a few things that they've learnt from each other and how each of them have influenced each others' practice as coaches. 

042 - Jamie Smith on the shoulder and bench press

February 7, 2019

Jamie joins the boys again. This time we discuss the upper extremity, the role of the shoulder in creating a stable bench press, and the common postural and movement deficiencies and compensations he observes in powerlifters. We learn where along the kinetic chain to look to address common technical issues

041 - 8 ways to improve as a lifter

January 31, 2019

The boys sit down to chat about 8 trends amongst powerlifters that are counterproductive to their development in the sport and how changing your actions and attitudes can make you better. 

040 - John Paul Cauchi on Sumo Deadlifting

January 24, 2019

JP joins Will to chat shop about sumo deadlifting - how it differs from conventional deadlifting in terms of muscular demands, technique, cueing, whom a sumo stance might favour, and how to program for it effectively. We also get in the weeds discussing concepts of training transfer and so on. 

039 - Luke Tulloch on Volume and gains

January 10, 2019

Luke joins will to discuss all things volume - what it is, how we can measure and define it, and the issues in comparing routines using volume as a measure whilst trying to estimate their hypertrophic potential. We talk in a practical sense about ensuring sets are "effective", how much volume is necessary, and more. Inorganic phosphate. 

038 - Training on holidays

January 3, 2019

The boys discuss how to maintain gains when you're away. We cover what adaptations we should focus on, the required training dose for maintenance, as well as practical aspects such as exercise selection and planning. We also cover dietary strategies to prevent skinny-fattening. We also cover alcohol and our track record with tactical vomiting